Queer Sexting Party
2020, Montreal

This project was an invitation for community discussion and experimentation with a form of qroup sexting. Online dating and long distance relationships are becoming a lived reality for many of us. How can we practice embodied digital erotics while challenging heteronormative expectations of goal-oriented sex and sexting? If we understand sex as more than a stimulation of intimate parts, but a wide spectrum of experiences focused on mutual (or/and self-) pleasuring (and by pleasuring I mean a full spectrum of the word pleasure which expands beyond the body) and if we think of the word “queer” as a verb which means “to put in question” and “to trouble”, then can we look at sexting as a possibility for queering the notion of sex?

Queer Sexting Party at Ada X, Montreal, Qc. In collaboration with Carmen Collas and Lesbian Speed Dating. Photo documentation by Vjosana Shkurti.