Photographing births is a political act of making visible one of the most universal yet most hidden human experiences. Medicalization of birth restricts these formative moments from the common imagination, a shared sensory understanding of entrance into this world, by incorporating them into an alienating category of illness or suffering. We are not permitted to witness the power of birthing bodies. This project is an investigation of birth, time and geology as tools to recon with questions of origin and futurity. 


10 years ago, I decided to leave Poland and immigrate to Canada in search of a queer home. Since 2014, when I finally settled down in Montreal, I have been working on this ongoing photographic series. I have been taking portraits of my queer and trans friends from connected and connecting through queer kinship. Over the years I have accumulated a large photographic archive consisting of over 500 analog images. My photographs are mainly created using point-and-shoot 35mm film cameras. I see this work as a family archive which offers an intimate and visceral view of the Montreal LGBTQIA+ community depicting moments of vulnerability, love, and play - captured with tenderness and humour.

Installation view 

10 Pine





Guy and Jamaal

Sarah’s ferns

Crystal’s wig



Eliane’s bananas

George, Pomona and Rose


Alice, Navid and Nima

Sarah Mo

Be and Lee




Naomi and Kai


Jordan Brown

Lactatia and Crystal




Kai and Naomi

10 Pine


Install Shot MFA Open Studios 2018

Install Shot MFA Open Studios 2018

Polska Queer

Five years after immigrating to Canada to pursue my gay dream, I return to my homeland to revisit what it means to be Polish and queer. This ongoing portrait series is a love letter to friends who inspired me in how to own this complex identity.


Miko and Artur

Martyna and Zofka

Kasia and Emil



Does Care Have a Gender?
Montreal 2017-18

This project is an ongoing series of video portraits in which I film people from my community connected and connecting through queer kinship in moments of care. My videos are constructed using mini DV tapes and shot in queer domestic spaces to reclaim this format for non-heteronormative storytelling and alternative family models. I formally address the subject of chosen family by referring to home videos which were traditionally used by straight middle-class families. Featuring: Candi, Lactatia and Coriander, Jordan Brown, George, Pomona and Rose, Shahir, Zev and Jack. Excerpt:

Does Care Have a Gender? is also a zine! It is comprised of diary entries, interviews and photographs exploring intersections of queerness, family and care. Message me for a free PDF or support my work through ordering a phisical copy :)

Rehab Girls
Lodz, Poland

The series “Rehab Girls” was created in my hometown - Lodz, Poland in a rehab for female “criminal” youth where my grandmother babcia Krysia used to work and where I’ve spent a lot of time as a child following her at work. I returned to this place as an adult and photographed 18 year-old girls during their last months of rehabilitation. The series examines the tension between toughness and fragility of those teenage girls.